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Library Service Active Users

04 December 2018

The Active Library Card User statistics for the Year to End September 2018 have been uploaded to Northamptonshire Analysis.   An active user is someone who has used their card on-line or to borrow a book in the preceding 12 months.

The total number of active library card users in the year to end September 2018 stood at 69,569, but this represents a decrease of just over a fifth over the last three years.   This downward trend has been ongoing since the beginning of our records on NA but the latest annual decrease has been greater than the preceding three individual annual decreases (all year to end September).   From these statistics it is not possible to ascertain to what extent the last year has been affected by the reductions in opening hours.

Amongst the active users which we can identify as having a valid postcode within Northamptonshire, the 3 year decrease has been greatest in Corby (down 34.5%) and Kettering (down 26.3%).   Across the county the 3 year decrease in active users has been greater in areas which fall within the top 20% most deprived LSOAs nationally (down 26.4%) than within the non-deprived areas (down 20.1%), a gap of 6.3%-points.   In Corby's deprived areas, active users have decreased by 41.4% in the last three years, while Kettering's deprived areas show a decrease of 32.2%.

Amongst the four main age bands of active users, the greatest decrease over the last three years has occurred amongst the card types for 0-4 year olds (down 34.9%); although in this instance the decrease has been less in deprived areas than in non-deprived areas.   Again the three year decreases have been greatest in Corby (down 56.6%) and Kettering (down 43.1%).   As at end September 2018, there were nine MSOA small areas across Northamptonshire where less than 10% of 0-4 year olds living there had made use of a library card in the preceding 12 months ... 5 of these are in Corby, 3 in Northampton and 1 in Wellingborough.

Information on other age bands and areas are available in the dataview. Accompanying the dataview is a spreadsheet tracking active library users from outside the county.

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