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Migration Update

29 November 2018

In the Year to End September 2018 ... 10,530   National Insurance numbers were allocated to overseas nationals who at the time of allocation were living in Northamptonshire. This is the fourth quarterly release showing a decrease in these rolling 12 month figures.   Over the last year, NINo allocations across Northamptonshire have decreased by 20.8%, faster than across England as a whole (16.5%).   However nationally NINo allocations started to decrease back in September 2015, so Northamptonshire is just catching up on a two year head start.

Across the county over the last year there have been decreases in the number of allocations to EU15 nationals (down 27.9%), EU8 nationals (down 38.6%) and EU2 nationals (down 19.1%), however over the same period, there has also been an increase in non-EU nationals obtaining NINos (albeit in much smaller numbers), particularly from South and South-East Asia.

Despite the decreases in EU nationals obtaining NINos, in the Year to End September 2018, 59.2% of Northamptonshire's NINo allocations were to persons from EU2 countries.   This proportion has remained more or less static over the last four quarters.

Also uploaded in recent weeks are the main ONS Migration Suite Indicators which include datasets from the ONS's International Passenger Survey and Annual Population Survey as well as the DWP's NINo Allocations. This latest release covers 2017 data. These figures show the continuing impact of migration on the county with Northamptonshire being ranked in the top two for many 5 and 10 year growth indicators.   It should also be noted that across Northamptonshire, the post-2014 pattern of National Insurance Number (NINo) allocations compared to the combination of Long-Term (LTIM) + Short Term International Migration (STIM) continues to diverge from the national pattern. See link to report below for more details (pages 10 and 11).
These stats are accompanied by three analytical resources files :
Northamptonshire Migration Analysis Report 2017 Data
Migration Indicators Ranked by Local Authorities highlighting Northamptonshire and the county's economic comparators.
5 Year and 10 Year Growth in Migration Indicators Ranked by Local Authorities also highlighting Northamptonshire and the economic comparators.

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