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Business Demography & Survival Rates

23 November 2018

The latest release of Business Demography figures from the Office for National Statistics covering 2017 is now uploaded to Northamptonshire Analysis. These stats are available for District level and above.   Please remember that this Business Demography dataset is counted over the course of a year and gives a different total number of businesses to the Count of Businesses by Size total which instead uses data from a snapshot taken in March. This also means that the growing issue of multiple registrations at a single address highlighted by the ONS is likely to have a greater impact on the Business Demography and 1 Year Business Survival Rate statistics than the Business Count figures due to the fact that many of these registrations are short lived.   See the ONS Paper on the subject for more information.   NB. Northamptonshire is not listed as one of the authorities most affected by this phenomenon.

During 2017,   37,555 Active Businesses were recorded across Northamptonshire (ie they showed turnover or employment at any time during the reference year). This is an increase of 3130 compared to 2016 (up 9.1%).  This increase is largely driven by a massive growth in the number of businesses in Wellingborough which you may remember from the Business Counts was affected by a single site logging multiple registrations relating to horse racing.

With just a downward blip in 2011, the number of Active Businesses in the county has continued to rise since 2004 (an overall increase of 46.3% over this longer period, compared to 36.9% experienced nationally).   Amongst our basket of economic comparators and nearest neighbours, Milton Keyes, Central Bedfordshire and Swindon & Wiltshire LEP all logged increases in the number of active business of over 50% since 2004.

Northamptonshire's business birth rate rose again in 2017 to 13.7% after a decrease in 2016 but still remains below the 2015 figure (15.8%). The business death rate across the county in 2017 at 12.5% was the highest of the last fourteen year but this is also the case nationally (12.4%). This has resulted in decrease in the NET birth/death figure, down to 430 after four years above 1000.

Also available are the Business Survival Rates covering one to five years' survival after the business birth year.

The latest five year business survival rate for Northamptonshire, relating to businesses born in 2012, is 46.2% which shows an improvement for the second year running.   This is above the England average (43.1%) and mid range amongst the economic comparators and nearest neighbours. 5 year survival rates of over 50% between 2012 and 2017 were achieved in Corby, Daventry and South Northamptonshire.

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