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Wages and Gender Pay Gap (ASHE)

26 October 2018

The 2018 (provisional) and the 2017 (revised) wages and gender pay gap data from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) have been uploaded to Northamptonshire Analysis and can be found in the following two dataviews within the Economy theme :
Average (Median) Gross Earnings (ASHE)
Average (Median) Earnings Excluding Overtime (Used for Gender Gap Analysis) (ASHE)

In April 2018 the median full time annual wage for those working in Northamptonshire was £28,121, some £1,748 less than the national median and also less that the median wage for Northamptonshire residents, indicating that those prepared to travel out of county are on average being paid a higher wage.   The median full-time annual wage for those working within the county has now increased for the fourth year running after a dip which occurred in 2014.   However the increase since 2014 at 6.9% is behind the 8.6% growth across England as a whole and well behind the majority of our economic comparators and nearest neighbours.

The Gender Pay Gap for those working full time (hourly pay, excluding overtime) in Northamptonshire worsened for the fourth year running (again since the wage dip in 2014).   This is due to lower increases in women's median wages (up 6.3%) compared to those received by men (up 13.7%).   The full time hourly wage gap now stands at -£2.22 less for women, a slippage of -96p since 2014.   The comparable full time hourly gender wage gap for England as a whole is -£1.43 in 2018; a figure which has fluctuated less dramatically due to more similar male/female median wage increases since 2014.

Please remember these statistics are survey based. If you require confidence intervals please see the ASHE section on the Nomis website.

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