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Update of ONS Population Estimates (2017)

29 June 2018

The 2017 Mid-Year Population Estimates at District level and above released by the Office for National Statistics yesterday are now available on Northamptonshire Analysis under the Population & Census theme, within the Population, Age and Gender sub-theme (link below).   The new 2017 estimates are available in all the main population dataviews including the dataviews covering 3, 5 and 8 age bands;   the dataviews showing the young and old people by single year age bands and additionally the dataview holding gender breakdown by 5-year age bands which will allow you to create population pyramids (unfortunately at the time of writing, the ONS have not yet updated their Population Estimates Analysis Tool, which creates these for you ... but keep an eye on the resources link to this).
Link to Population and Census theme.

The total population of the county in 2017 is estimated to be 741,209 persons. This is a growth of 7.1% since the 2011 Census compared to a 4.9% growth across England as a whole. The percentage point gap between these two growth percentages has annually been widening since 2012.

Please remember that the ONS do not release the 2017 small area population estimates until the autumn, so that the latest estimates for geographies from LSOA up to (but not including) District remain as at 2016.   Please also remember that the ONS's revisions (improvements) to the MYEs for 2012-2016 which were released in March for District level and above, have not yet been released for small area geographies.

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