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Migration (NINos) Update

04 June 2018

The latest DWP figures for the allocation of National Insurance Numbers (NINos) to Overseas Nationals across the county have been uploaded to Northamptonshire Analysis. These can be found in the NINos Dataview within the Population & Census Theme (found under the Migration sub-theme).

For the second quarterly release (rolling 12 month) data there has been a drop in the total number of NINo allocations to overseas nationals across Northamptonshire. The figure for the year to end March 2018 was 11968 allocations. This finally follows the national downward trend which started two years earlier back in September 2015.

Countywide the number of EU15 and EU8 nationals allocated NINos continues in a downward slide. The number of EU2 nationals allocated NINos also decreased over the last two quarterly (rolling 12 month) results, but is yet to be a definitive trend given previous ups and downs after the initial dramatic rise post 2014.   As of the year to end March 2018, EU2 nationals make up 59.3% of the county's total NINo allocations - still an increasing proportion. The Office for National Statistics state that EU2 nationals across the country as a whole tend to be short term migrants arriving to work in the construction, agricultural and manufacturing industries.

Interestingly (although much lower figures), the number of Non-EU nationals allocated NINos in Northamptonshire in the year to end March 2018 at 1470 is the county's highest we have recorded on Northamptonshire Analysis (... bearing in mind the rolling-12 months data was uploaded annually from March 2012 to March 2014 and has been quarterly since March 2015).

All the county's boroughs and districts with the exception of Daventry show at least two consecutive data releases with decreasing numbers of NINo allocations to overseas nationals.

Data is also available at MSOA level.

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