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Children's Geographies (Changes)

21 May 2018

A new geotype (geography) is available on Northamptonshire Analysis showing data for the seven new 'NCC Children's Localities 2018'.

There are no map/graph views, but the following batches of data have been aggregated up from LSOA to the new Children's Locality geography within the standard dataviews :
…. Pupil Characteristics Data – Reception &123Years, Primary, Secondary, All.
…. The main population dataviews (but excluding the 5 year age band by gender dataview).
…. Educational Achievement data (Foundation Stage, KS2, KS4).
…. Other data, within the original Children’s Centre Resources Area on NA, which is available at LSOA level to allow the aggregations.

Additionally changes have been made to the access levels for the old 'Children's Centre Reach Area (May 2013)' geography. These are now only available for those who have a registered login with Northamptonshire Analysis and a valid NCC email address.

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