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KS4 Achievement

29 January 2018

Another dataset released last week was the Key Stage 4 (GCSE and equivalent) Pupil Achievement Results. These can be found in the KS4 dataview (2015-16 onwards) within the Education & Skills theme, under the sub-theme of 'School Achievement / Examination Results'.

Please Note : There is a transitional phase during which the methodology of the KS4 indicators is moving from using the A*-C grades to calculating achievement using the new 9-5 threshold grades (strong pass) with the phased introduction of the new GCSEs.   During this transitional phase the DfE are additionally publishing 'shadow' achievement indicators using 9-4 'shadow' achievement grades as these produce timeseries data better aligned with the old A*-C achievement.   On Northamptonshire Analysis, the 2015-16 A*-C data is included in both the official threshold and the 'shadow' timeseries.

The average Attainment 8 score for the county, region and nationally all decreased in 2016-17.   The national report from the DfE stated that "these decreases are as expected following changes to the 2017 point scores assigned to grades because of the introduction of 9 to 1 GCSEs in performance tables". What is more important here is that the Northamptonshire Attainment 8 score of 44.5 falls 1.9 points below the national average of 46.4.   Northamptonshire is also below the national average in terms of the % of pupils passing English and Maths with 9-5 grades (40.0% v. 42.9% nationally) and also for the indicator reviewing the % of pupils passing the English Baccalaureate with 9-5 grades (19.0% v. 21.4% nationally).   In the 'shadow' indicators which better matched the previous A*-C results, Northamptonshire had improved in the proportion of pupils passing English and Maths with 9-4 grades but showed decreased results in the English Baccalaurate with 9-4 grades.

The Progress 8 Score for the county is -0.05 in 2016-17 meaning that pupils achieved slightly less progress, on average, than pupils across England who got similar results at the end of key stage 2.   However this is a better score than the previous year. The England average Progress 8 Score is -0.03. The three worst Progress 8 Scores amongst electoral divisions in Northamptonshire all fell in the Rushden/Higham Ferrers area.

Released alongside the pupil results were the School Standards Results (available within the same sub-theme on NA). In 2016-17   17.0% of Northamptonshire Schools did not meet the Floor Standard, compared to 12.0% nationally. Additionally, 18.0% of the county's schools fell within the Coasting Definition, nearly double the national proportion of 9.6%. For definitions, see metadata.

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