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New on NA : Fire Data

26 January 2018

We have a new dataset from Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service on Northamptonshire Analysis covering (you've guessed it) Fires within the county. This data is broken down into primary and secondary fires and also deliberate and accidental fires. This data is available at all the usual geographies from LSOA up to county, including the analytical geotypes looking at the deprived : non deprived breakdown and the rural : urban split.   We also have a special geography of Fire Station Grounds for this dataset.   For more information about the geographies used on Northamptonshire Analysis, please click here.

One fire dataview contains all the data (numbers, percentages and ratios per 1000 population) :
Click here to view.
The other is just the counts (just to make it quicker to look at if that is all you want) :
Click here for the quick version.

Both of these are found within the Community Safety theme, under the CSAF : Fire and Rescue sub-theme.

I have to apologise that the Fire Station Grounds maps do not have background mapping. My colleague who used to do this part of the NA work left the organisation, and after a considerable amount of time trying, I have to admit that I can't get this bit of techy stuff to work properly (sorry!).

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