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NINo Allocations to Overseas Nationals

01 December 2017

The latest statistics showing the number of National Insurance Numbers (NINos) allocated to Adult Overseas Nationals were released yesterday by the Department for Work & Pensions. These figures are uploaded to Northamptonshire Analysis in a rolling 12 month format, released quarterly and can be found in the 'NINos' Dataview.   Please note, these statistics only tell us that these individuals were living in Northamptonshire at the time of allocation; we do not know if they are still in the county, country or if they are working, or claiming or neither.

In the Year to End September 2017,   13,288 new NINos were allocated to Overseas Nationals who at the time of allocation were living in Northamptonshire. This is the second highest number recorded after slight dips in the previous two quarters. It is also a different pattern to last year when the YtoEnd September figures showed a decrease compared to June (although that was not the case in 2015). This is a totally different pattern to that found across England as a whole where the figures have been decreasing steadily since their high for the YtoEnd June 2015. Over that period (from June 2015) the England count has decreased by 19.6%, whereas Northamptonshire's count has increased by 7.1%.

Amongst the county's boroughs and districts patterns vary. The total number of NINo allocations for those living within Corby has continued to rise steadily since September 2015, whereas allocations in Wellingborough have decreased over the last three quarters' figures.

57.9% of the county's NINos allocations in the year to end September 2017 were made to individuals who come from the EU2 nations of Bulgaria and Romania. This percentage is considerably higher than the England average of 29.2%.   Amongst the county's boroughs and districts the proportion of EU2 nationals included in the NINos allocations ranges from 64.4% in Corby to 37.3% in South Northamptonshire.

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