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Small Area Population Estimates

26 October 2017

The small area mid-year population estimates (MYEs) for 2016 produced by the Office for National Statistics can now be found on Northamptonshire Analysis within the selection of general population dataviews under the sub-theme POPC: Population Age Gender.

These latest estimates are available in the following small area geographies :
Lower-Level Super Output Area (LSOA2011) of which there are 422 across the county.
Middle-Level Super Output Area (MSOA2011) of which there are 90 across the county.
The 57 NCC Electoral Divisions.

Also available showing the 2016 population updates are the analytical 'geotypes' which split the County (and the boroughs and districts) down into Deprived / Not Deprived totals (as defined by the Index of Multiple Deptivation 2015) and the Urban / Rural split (as defined by the ONS at the time of the 2011 Census).

These analytical geotypes combined with 2016 data tell us :
....  16.3% of Northamptonshire’s residents live in areas considered 'deprived' according to the 2015 Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). This figure rises to 28.1% in Northampton, 26.5% in Corby and 23.7% in Wellingborough.
....   There are proportionately more children in deprived areas than non-deprived areas (23.9% v. 19.5%). This gap is particularly evident in East Northamptonshire.
....  31% of the county's population live in rural areas.
....  Residents aged 75 and over make up 8.5% of the population in rural areas compared to 6.8% of the population in urban areas.

These analytical geotypes also work with any of our datasets which are available at LSOA level (and usually make quite interesting reading!).

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