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Quarterly Employment Updates

20 October 2017

The quarterly Employment Updates taken from the ONS's Annual Population Survey (APS) are now available on Northamptonshire Analysis in the following dataviews :

Economic Activity (APS) : Overview
Economic Activity (APS) : Employment Rate (%) : By Age, Gender & Ethnicity
Economic Activity (APS) : Working Hours
Economic Activity (APS) : Working Private or Public Sector
Economic Activity (APS) : Unemployment Rate (%) : By Age & Gender

These are all available at District level and above.

A couple of interesting points are :
....   Northamptonshire's unemployment rate for the survey period to the end June 2017 is 5.5%. This is the second quarter running that the percentage has been over 5%, before that the last occurrence of a 5% unemployment rate was in September 2014 (please see also the JSA+UC figures, link below).
....   Northamptonshire continues to log a higher proportion of people who are working long hours than both the national average and all our basket of economic comparators except Buckinghamshire.   27.6% of the county's persons in employment are working 45 hours a week or more compared with 24.4% across England as a whole.

Also updated this week are the number (and rate) of people claiming benefits (JSA and Universal Credit) principally for the reason of being unemployed. The Northamptonshire claimant rate remains at 1.6% for seventh month running. This is below the national average of 1.9%. The two dataviews covering this dataset are :

UC & JSA (Unemployment) Claimants : Claimant Rate and Total Claimants
UC & JSA (Unemployment) Claimants : By Gender & Age

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