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Employee/Employment Numbers (BRES)

04 October 2017

The latest Employee and Employment numbers (2016) for the county are now available in Northamptonshire Analysis. This data comes from the annual Business Register & Employment Survey (BRES) run by the Office for National Statistics. The survey is regarded as the definitive source of official government employee estimates at sub-regional level, however regional and national figures are provided here from the BRES for comparison purposes.

This news-item considers EmployEE numbers. In September 2016, there were an estimated 339,410 employees working within Northamptonshire. 87.4% were in the Private Sector and 12.6% were in the public sector compared to an 83.3% : 16.7% split across the East Midlands as a whole (the national figure was 17% public sector but it seemed to me that this would include any London-centric national government workers, so East Midlands might be the better comparator in this instance).

69.2% of Northamptonshire employees in 2016 were full time (here the definition is more than 30 hours per week) compared to 68.1% across England as a whole. Amongst the boroughs and districts the full time percentage varied from 65.6% in Kettering to 72.5% in Daventry.

According to the ONS, the BRES data “are point-in-time snapshots of the GB/UK economy and are NOT designed to be used as time series figures, although it is recognised that users do use them in this manner”. With this in mind, it is interesting to note that :
.... Between 2011 and 2016, the total number of employees across Northamptonshire increased by 6.0%, a lesser amount than the 10.6% growth across England as a whole. The Northamptonshire employee growth was primarily due to a 4.3% annual growth between the 2015 BRES and the 2016 BRES, after a period of apparent stagnation and low growth compared to most of our economic comparators during the first half of the decade. Amongst our basket of Economic Comparators there was, on average, a 13.1% growth in employees between 2011 and 2016, however all 14 comparator geographies showed higher individual growth over that period than Northamptonshire. Particularly high growth in employees was experienced within the boundaries of Milton Keynes (up 28.3% between 2011 and 2016, with three years in the period of above 5% annual growth) and Central Bedfordshire (up 24.7%, with a huge surge between the 2015 BRES and the 2016 BRES) so it may be that these areas have provided some additional jobs for residents of Northamptonshire albeit with a commute to consider.
.... Over the years since 2011 both East Northamptonshire and Northampton showed decreases in the total number of employees working within the district/borough, as neither of these areas gained enough private sector employees to compensate for the losses in public sector employees between 2011 and 2016.

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