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  • 08 August 2017
    August PHOF Update
    The August 2017 version of the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF) for Northamptonshire is now available on Northamptonshire Analysis in the resources section of the Health and Wellbeing theme.
    Click on link and then open the Health Service Outcomes & Current PHOF subtheme to see the eight geography based reports (one for the county and one each for the boroughs/districts).
  • 04 August 2017
    NEW!! Key Stage 4 Achievement
    A new educational achievement dataview has been created providing access to the new Key Stage 4 (GCSE) performance indicators introduced in the 2015-16 academic year. The data is available from MSOA small area geography up to County level with regional and national comparators. The data can also be viewed within the Deprived:Not Deprived and Urban:Rural analysis geotypes. The dataview can be found within the Educational Achievement / Examination Results sub-theme within the Education and Skills theme alongside dataviews holding the new Key Stage 2 and school standards indicators.

    General information and basic definitions for the new KS4 performance indicators can be found within the dataview metadata which also provides links to more detailed Department for Education explanations.

    The new Attainment 8 performance indicator measures the average achievement of pupils in up to 8 qualifications (see metadata for more information). The average Attainment 8 score for pupils living and going to school in Northamptonshire is 47.8. Amongst the county's boroughs and districts, Corby has the lowest average score at 44.1. However, looking at the data at MSOA level geographies, there are some results highlighting other areas. There are three MSOAs with a Attainment 8 score of less than 40. These are :
    .... Daventry 008 (southern outskirts of the town) - average score of 37.4
    .... Corby 006 (Kingswood area) - average score of 37.9
    .... Kettering 005 (K.Buccleuch area) - average score of 38.2.
    The highest Attainment 8 scores can be found in MSOAs covering rural areas around Towcester.

    The new attainment regime at Key Stage 4 also monitors the achievement of pupils at KS4 compared with the progress made by their peers with similar KS2 results. This indicator is called Progress 8 performance indicator. The greater the Progress 8 score, the greater the progress made by the pupil compared to the average of pupils with similar prior attainment (again see the metadata for further explanation).

    For pupils living and attending school in Northamptonshire the Progress 8 score is -0.13. This is worse than the England average of -0.03. There are 8 MSOAs in Northamptonshire with a score of -0.50 or less; that is to say the pupils living in these LSOAs and attending school within the County have made half a grade less progress than the national average. Of these 8 MSOAs, 3 are found in East Northamptonshire, 2 in Corby, 2 in Kettering and 1 in Daventry. The three MSOAs with the worst Progress 8 scores countywide are :
    .... East Northamptonshire 010 (southern outskirts of Rushden) - Progress 8 score of -0.61
    .... Corby 006 (Kingswood area) - Progress 8 score of -0.59
    .... Corby 004 (Lodge Park area) - Progress 8 score of -0.58.
    The three MSOAs with the best Progress 8 scores countywide are :
    .... Northampton 003 (Whitehills area) - Progress 8 score of 0.36
    .... Northampton 021 (Semilong area) - Progress 8 score of 0.27
    .... Northampton 007 (Lings E, Blackthorn, Cherry Lodge) - Progress 8 Score of 0.27
    That is to say that pupils living in these last three areas have on average made a quarter grade more progress than the national average when compared with their peers who started out with a similar score at KS2.

    Data is also available within the dataview for the percentage of pupils achieving GSCE in English & Maths and also for the percentage passing the English Baccalaureate.
  • 04 August 2017
    NEW!! Unemployment Claimants
    The headline dataset for "unemployment" is now a combination of Universal Credit claimants (those required to seek work and be available for work) plus Job Seeker's Allowance claimants. I have finally caught up and created a couple of datasets providing you with access to this data :
    UC & JSA (Unemployment) Claimants : Claimant Rate and Total Claimants
    UC & JSA (Unemployment) Claimants : By Age and Gender

    The JSA timeseries will continue for the time-being while its use is monitored, but it will definitely cease to be updated when the last of the county's boroughs/districts have been transferred to Universal Credit (August 2018). At the moment data by Occupation Sought and Duration of Claim are not available for the combined UC & JSA dataset.

    Under Universal Credit a broader span of claimants are required to look for work than under Jobseeker's Allowance. Thus, as Universal Credit Full Service is rolled out, the number of people recorded as being on the combined UC & JSA Claimant Count is likely to rise. Those claiming in Corby and Daventry have already been transferred to Universal Credit. The remainder of the boroughs and districts in the county are scheduled to be transferred during 2018. This partial transfer of Northamptonshire's claimants is reflected in the current statistics.

    The UC & JSA Claimant Rate for Northamptonshire (July 2017) is 1.6% of the resident population aged 16-64. This is lower than the England average of 1.9%. Amongst the county's boroughs and districts, Corby has the highest Claimant Rate at 2.2% and South Northamptonshire the lowest (0.6%). A total of 7,315 people in Northamptonshire are claiming benefits due to unemployment. 60.5% of these claimants are male.

    There are currently 6 LSOAs with 75 or more claimants, all of which are in an 'urban city and town' environment. These are :
    Northampton 021F Town Centre : Rail Station, St James Retail Park, St Peter's Way, Drapery - 90 claimants
    Northampton 021C Semilong & Barrack Rd : Marriot St, St George's St, Deal St, Sheep St area - 80 claimants
    Daventry 008D Borough Hill, Trafalgar Way, Tovey Dr area, Long March, High March - 80 claimants
    Northampton 017E Kings Heath : Park Drive, West Oval - 75 claimants
    Kettering 007B Northfield Avenue (South), Silver Street area - 75 claimants
    Daventry 007D Daventry Town Centre : High Street, Oxford Street - 75 claimants.

  • 03 August 2017
    Benefit Cap Update
    At the end of May 2017, 614 households in Northamptonshire were subject to the benefit cap. This is a 5.1% decrease in households affected compared with the figure at the end of February 2017 (which was the first quarterly release to reflect the new more stringent cap limits introduced in November 2016). This decrease shows a different pattern to the England average which logged a 2.7% increase in the overall number of households affected by the cap. However within the Northamptonshire figure, two of the county's boroughs (Northampton and Wellingborough) did show an increase in households affected compared to the previous quarter.

    An estimated 2,011 children live in these Northamptonshire households. 77% of the households are lone parent households.

    For more information see the Benefit Cap Dataview.

  • 25 July 2017
    Demography JSNA - 2017 Update
    Find out more about the changing size and characteristics of the population of Northamptonshire in the refreshed Demography Chapter (July 2017) of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, now available on Northamptonshire Anlaysis - Demography JSNA

    Note the well above average population growth in Northamptonshire and its Districts and Boroughs over the last 30 years.

    Find out about the components that make up this growth; births, deaths, people moving in and out. See how several events have affected the age structure of the population today and into the future and, overall, how the county’s population is expected to continue to change.
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