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Breast Feeding (data from 2013-14 onwards)

This dataview covers two datasets ... (i) infants receiving breast milk at the 6-8 week check (data still being updated) and (ii) mothers initiating breast feeding (data not updated after 2014-15).

The Breast Feeding 6-8 Week Check dataset was transferred from NHS England to Public Health England in October 2015. Data at district level is currently not available under the new regime.
WARNING : From 2017-18, Northamptonshire data includes babies who had their 6-8 week check after they were 8 weeks old. These youngsters were previously excluded from the county's data capture.
WARNING 2 : There is an anomaly with the 2015-16 Northamptonshire 6-8 week check data available nationally. Please see section called '2015-16 Data Note' within the metadata for more information on the resolution used within Northamptonshire Analysis.

The Breast Feeding Initiation dataset is no longer produced for local government geographical areas, so this data is no longer being updated on Northamptonshire Analysis. Initiation data is now part of the NHS Digital Maternity Services Reports. These area available monthly at hospital trust level.


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