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Children Living in Out-Of-Work Benefit Households

Children dependent on a parent or guardian who is claiming one or a combination of out-of-work benefits (see metadata for more details):

This data is available for the following age bands :
0-4 Years
5-10 Years
11-15 Years
16-18 Years
and the aggregated age bands 0-15 and 0-18.

The DWP do not publish this data at County level. The available data cannot be aggregated to other geographies because it is rounded at source by the DWP.
A 0 (zero) in the table represents zero or negligible.

Please note :   Universal Credit is included in the dataset for the first time in 2016.   Additionally the DWP has finally moved on to using LSOA 2011 boundaries with the 2016 dataset.   Thus data from 2011 to 2015 can be found in the LSOAs table and data from 2016 onwards will be found in the LSOA 2011 table. Most LSOAs did not change when the boundaries were amended, so you may be able to create a joined-up timeseries for a specific LSOA if you need to (check the code numbers to be sure).


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