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Census & MYEs : Age By Single Year : Older People 75 & Over

This dataview has been updated with both the revised Mid Year Estimates 2012-2016 at District level and above (released by the ONS in March 2018) and also with the revised small area MYEs 2012-2016 (released by the ONS on 25Oct18). The timeseries datasets for all geographies are, thus, now up-to-date.

This data series comes from two sources :
Census 2011
ONS Mid Year Estimates (MYEs)

MYEs are released each year by the ONS in two phases (both 1 year retrospectively) :
Large Geographies (District and above) - Summer annually.
Small Geographies - Autumn annually.

Ages above 90 are only available by single years for the Census 2011. They are not available for Mid Year Estimates. Hence indicators for both "90 & Above" and "100 & Above" are available for Census 2011 to allow comparisons


Geo-Types Reports Downloads
Economic Comparators
LSOA 2011
MSOA 2011
Electoral Division Post 2013
Community Safety Partnership
Children's Centre Reach Area (May 2013, Old)
CCG Locality
NCC Locality Forum
IMD 2015 National Classification Deprived: District
IMD 2015 National Classification Deprived: County
Urban Rural Split: County
Urban Rural Split 3 Classifications: County
Urban Rural Split: District
Urban Rural Split 3 Classifications: District

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