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Census & MYEs : Population in 3 Broad Age Bands/Groups

This view provides population data in the following 3 age bands/groups:
Ages 0-15
Ages 16-64
Ages 65 and Over
These indicators have the phrase GROUP POP3 in their title.

Total population figures are also available.

MYEs = Mid Year Estimates (please see metadata).
MYEs are released each year by the ONS in two phases (both 1 year retrospectively :
Large Geographies (District and above) - Summer annually.
Small Geographies - Autumn annually.


Geo-Types Reports Downloads
Economic Comparators
LSOA 2011
MSOA 2011
Electoral Division Post 2013
Community Safety Partnership
CCG Locality
Locality Forum
IMD 2015 National Classification Deprived: District
IMD 2015 National Classification Deprived: County
Urban Rural Split: County
Urban Rural Split 3 Classifications: County
Urban Rural Split: District
Urban Rural Split 3 Classifications: District

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