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Census & MYEs : Population Density and Average Ages

Mean and Median Ages are not available for non-standard aggregated geographies.
Mean Age will be calculated from the mid-year estimates every two or three years (the figures don't shift that much).
Median Age was originally available for Census years only, but has recently been provided by the ONS alongside the Mid Year Estimates (hence the strange time series!).

Please remember : MYEs at LSOA level are released in the autumn, so are updated later in the year than the data for District and above.


Geo-Types Reports Downloads
Economic Comparators
LSOA 2011
MSOA 2011
Electoral Division Post 2013
Community Safety Partnership
NCC Locality Forum
IMD 2015 National Classification Deprived: District
IMD 2015 National Classification Deprived: County
Urban Rural Split: County
Urban Rural Split 3 Classifications: County
Urban Rural Split: District
Urban Rural Split 3 Classifications: District

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